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How to get to Igarei (Viseu) Hotel Igarei (Viseu)

Photos of Igarei, Viseu

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Moss river
Moss river
  • Author: Artur Tomaz Photography Follow on flickr foto flickr
  • Date of photography: 2014-04-06 17:14:05
  • Geographical coordinates of the taken: 40°41'59"N - 8°4'6"W
  • This picture was taken in Ribeira de Ribamá near Vouzela, Portugal. The waterfall is close to a pedestrian trail sorrounded by a still unspoiled nature with a rich fauna and flora. Along about 3000 meters, there are dozens of old watermills that invite pedestrians to travel through times almost lost in the popular memory. In the riverside Ribamá develop species such as alder , elderberry , or willows , forming a magnificent grove. The clear and cool waters of the Ribamá are the perfect habitat for many wildlife species, dependent strictly on the purity and good condition of these waterways. Endemic to the Iberian Peninsula many of them , for their great ecological importance, are protected under the Habitats Directive. Examples are the Lusitanian salamander , lizard - of - water, the otter and the mole - of - water.
  • License*: All Rights Reserved - photo in flikr foto flickr
    *The photographs are copyrighted by their respective owners.
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Hotel Igarei
photos found. 1. Photos on the current page: 1
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